Word form the holy spirit to the churches
Thus speaks the holy spirit to the churches and their leaders: You abandoned my word, says the spirit. You abandoned my word to serve yourselves. You abandoned the poor, the widow, the orphan, and the foreigner and began serving only and exclusively yourselves. You arranged yourselves halls like the palaces of kings, where you appointed teachers of a teaching that tickles your ears, a teaching which is supposedly my word. But it isn’t, because my word tells the person to follow the way of the lord and not human ways, but you have appointed yourselves teachers who will speak exactly what pleases you and is convenient for your ways. And I am not in that, says the holy spirit, I do not rejoice when I watch how you raise your children in the ways of the world, I do not rejoice when you live in this world as if there is no god: everyone pursues profit, everyone pursues to accumulate more and more, as much as he can. Everyone is willing to deceive and lie to earn something more. And I disagree with your ways.
Your teachers who claim I have appointed as shepherds of the flock, testify against themselves by not taking care of anyone but themselves. They wait for you to make them kings, to give them everything according to their whims, while they teach you false teachings, which they claim I have given them. And I do not agree, says the holy spirit. And they have enriched themselves immeasurably because they do that which pleases you, and instead of taking you to me, they attach you to themselves. They impose yoke, and they force you to participate in their illegal before-me organizations, which divide my people into separate groups, that are supposedly one but are divided by the steel walls of the false teachings. And despite that, you did not repent to return to me, says the lord.
And I turned the sky above you as steel and stopped answering your prayers. Still, you did not feel ashamed to return to me but came to love, even more, your false teachers, who tickle your ears with their sweet teachings of good and prosperity in a world that is perishing, and I do not agree with them, says the lord. But they multiplied their profit even more and now refuse to give even a little money to the poor, the widows, and the orphans, even when they gather a lot in offerings. If a widow cannot pay her electricity bill, they act hypocritically, saying they cannot give away the god’s money, but that is exactly what I have commanded. With that they prove I have not appointed them, says the holy spirit. Therefore, I command you not to fear them, but to fear the god who knows your hearts.
Thus, abandon today and now your false organization and start serving the god in the simplicity of the faith the way it is written about him. Do not invent for yourselves false worship services and do not claim I have commanded them to you, because I have not. Because I have not commanded you to gather so that you can rob the poor and shame them, but I have commanded you to love each other like brothers and sisters, which you are, and to help each other and especially to those who lack. But you came to love the false teachings of your teachers and abandoned the true teaching, which clearly says that all the collected offerings are for the poor, the foreigners, the servants, the widows, and the orphans. But your false servants/ministers say they are the true servants of the god, to whom you must give all your money and loyalty, and possibly they will give whatever they decide.
Hypocrites, who gave you authority to deprive the poor of the flock so that you may have riches and extend over the earth? Duplicitous people who came to hate my word and love, just like Balaam, the unjust profit. You came to hate the prophets I kept sending to you for such a long time, and spat on them, and denigrated them in front of my people, so that they follow you, and did not allow them to bring my people back into my straight ways. Behold, I solemnly proclaim to you that you will be judged for this behavior/conduct of yours and some of you will not see the god. Therefore repent, turn away and abandon your human ways and return to my straight way, says the holy spirit, because it is the only one that leads to the sky.
But you will say, “See, we follow you and go to church every Sunday, and give offerings, and even talk about you with the people!” But I say to you that due to your religious services, my name is being blasphemed among the nations, says the almighty god. Because your and your leaders’ greed has reached the sky. But look at the ways of Yesus the Anointed, your savior and lord, learn from him because soon he comes to judge the world for its greed and its crimes, for its murders and its fornications, for its lusts and its perversions.
Therefore, repent so that you are not condemned along with the world, says the lord the holy spirit.