A group of brothers and sisters who believe in the living and only god, in his son Yesus the Anointed from Nazareth, and in the holy spirit; in his sacrifice, how he died for our crimes and was revived on the third day and now sits on the right side of the god the father.
We also believe there are no religious organizations "churches" in the scriptures, that the assembly of the lord is each and every one of those who believe in him and have the holy spirit, and that he is whereever two or three people are gathered in his name. There are no "pastors" or "bishops", everyone has equal and free access to the god today and now, and also an obligation to fulfil the will of the lord for their own life.
One of our main goals is to restore the word of the god, the Bible, and bring it back to the original, far away from all the religious, ecclesiastical and human traditions which have been infecting it for almost two millenium.