Word by the lord for the christians (believers in Jesus the anointed (Christ)) around the world

Grace and peace be with the people of the god, who have been bought with the blood of the son of the god Jesus the Anointed, who died for our sins and resurrected on the third day for our absolution, to give us eternal life in his kingdom, his eternal kingdom, stronger than any earthly kingdoms, amen.

These is a word given to me during February 2021 and its purpose is to incite the people of the god to start serving the god and stop “polishing the church benches”, something they have been doing very “successfully” during recent times when only two or three people do something, while the rest either applaud, give money, or do nothing except to “go to church”, which is not something that can be seen on the pages of the scriptures of the god, the Bible. You can listen to the word on this web page, or read it below. It is not private, it is for everyone, just like the scriptures, which are for al of us. This word, despite it being form the holy spirit, as I believe, has no claims to replace or compete with the word of the god, the Bible, but to confirm it and to show that the word of the god is so important, as clearly seen in the life of the lord Jesus the anointed, who did everything in accordance to that very word. That same word says it is the will of the god that we all prophesy as well as participate in all of the gifts of the holy spirit, something most christians disregard due to either the teaching of their denomination, or the fact that participating in the gifts of the holy spirit means to suffer and be rejected by the people, as guaranteed by the lord Jesus, who says, “If they hated me, they will hate you.” Therefore most christians do not even attempt to get close enough to the god to hear something from him and pass it onto the others, as it is said, “What you hear in the ear, proclaim from the roofs.” Thus the main purpose of my life with the god has become not being like those christians, but to get close to the god and search for him, for my benefit and that of his people. This naturally provokes the hatred of mostly many religious leaders, who have their own plans for the people of the god. For they prefer the people of the god to serve their organizations, rather than the will of the god. But at the end they will be held responsible for that, as is guaranteed by the word of the god , which is an eternal word, one that cannot be changed nor defeated by any church, organization or person. Therefore I advise every person to treat this word seriously, for their own wellbeing and so that they may obey the god and serve him in every truth. If you want to learn how to serve the god, you can find that on the pages of the Bible and I am telling you, it is not polishing the church benches! Here is the word:

“Until when will the pastors lie to the flock? Will they eternally think up lies and will they eternally speak with deceit, in order to gain something more? They change the words in my word and make them look similar to their own words, they cast cunning looks and smile, they talk sweetly and slimily, but their heart is not with me, but with their own profits. They build high places, place on them pulpits and stand on them saying, “The Lord said”, but the lord has not said, nor even thought of saying. Because they utilize my name to gain a dollar or two, to feed their children and dress their wives, but my people remain hungry and thirsty and there is no one to clothe them, or feed them, but still they say, “Thus says the Lord in his word”, but the lord has not said anything similar. They appoint one another, give power to one another, though not because I told them to give power, but because that is where their profit comes from and they are as the people from my word, who were worried for their craft, for they served the idols. Therefore the pastors worry that my word may be clear and understandable for my people, because my word will personally deprive them from their power and authority and will turn them into laughing stock in front of all the saints.

“Therefore I send my word and it says clearly that everyone must serve me without fearing people, without fearing pastors or priests, who affirm themselves and say, “Speak not against the anointed of God, nor do you rebel against him, for God will defend him!”, for I say to you I shall not defend them and if you begin serving me I shall be on your side and shall bring shame on all pastors who hate my people and do not allow them to serve me.

“That is why they are similar to the pharaoh, who did not want to let my people into the desert, to serve me even for just three days, for he say that as a three day loss of the profits from his slaves, which is why I ruined his country. The same way today’s pastors think that if they let the people of god do each whatever I have given them, then their profit will decrease, or melt entirely, and therefore do not allow my people to serve me even for two hours per week in what they call worship. Therefore I myself, the lord holy spirit say the following to my people, “Do not fear the pastors, do not fear that they threated you with casting you out of their synagogues, which they call churches, but serve me and do not fear, nor comply with their whims, for even if they were to hate you and cast you out of their synagogues, I have accepted you and have loved you with eternal love and will continue loving you.

“And if any pastor does not let you serve me, leave him or her and serve me and I shall be with you and you will have a big reward in the sky. Do not fear, for I have prevailed over the world, and the pastors’ authority is of the world and not of me! If I had given them authority, then they would have complied with my word, which says you have to help those in need, but they help themselves and shepherd themselves. Which is why they are not of my word and I have not appointed them, but they have appointed themselves due to their own gluttony and insatiable desire for more profit and more and more until they shear you to the skin and until they enslave you in their ways, which are ways of building castles and palaces, that are not mine, which have never crossed my mind, and which will never lead to the good fruits they promise they will, because they are not of me. And when something is not of me, it cannot bear good fruits.

“Therefore start serving the god the way it is written in my word. Start caring for those in need and do not give your strength and effort to vain things, for which you will not have a reward. Be wise, the pastors are not the ones you will have to stand before in the day of the judgement, but you will stand before me and will have to answer for the good and the evil you have done in your body. If it is evil, you will not have a reward and there is even risk for your souls. If it is good, you will have a grand reward before my throne, and it is an eternal reward that no one can take away, unless you allow it. Do not allow the pastors to take away your reward, but submit to my yoke and serve the god now in this century, in which people from all nations perish for eternity, so you can serve them and be able to save those of them who would want to. And when my day comes there will be a true rest for each and every one of you. But if you now rest and have fun, if you laugh and waste your time with useless things, then when my day comes you will not have a reward and some of you will even lose the eternity, their right to stand before me. Do not be like them!” Says the holy spirit.

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