We live in a time of relative freedom of speech and thought, at least in some areas and within the frame of specific principles. Of course, you cannot compare the political and/or religious freedom of the Western world to that of the communist or Islamic world, where without doubt certain citizens are deprived of the basic rights to choose in what to believe, who to trust and in whom to entrust their lives. Decidedly we, the people of Eastern Europe, who have been witnesses to the regimes of the communists, have a clearer idea of how hard it is to be enslaved by people, who have no regards for anyone or anything, except their own godless and inhumane opinion. Today many nations still suffer similar tyrannical governments and state administrations. Examples would be China, North Korea, Russia, the Arab countries, and others.

Within the boundaries of what was already said, after more than thirty years of studying the Bible and participation in many public and private discussions, it seemed good to us and to the holy spirit, that it is time the shrouded in mysterious translations and doctrines knowledge to become available to the general public.

I wish to emphasize something of great importance for the life of any person, that humanity has absolutely no other hope in the fight against death, except through the resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth from the dead and his testimony of the “beyond”, which otherwise remains shrouded in complete mystery.

Each person, within the boundaries of their own life, must be able to study the topic of the beyond, death, the meaning of life and such, without being forced by whoever, be it a government, secret services, or any political or religious powers, because at the end, none of the abovementioned has given life to any of us and consequently has no right to meddle in the personal choice of anyone, since of that choice may depend that individual’s eternity.

We offer, to the attention of any person that seeks, information contained in the Bible, but hidden due to different reasons by certain aristocratic circles within the churches. This information is capable of helping anyone to distinguish between that which is truly written in the Bible and that which is offered to the public from the official cathedra of different Christian institutions, who always claim to be inspired by the god in everything they do but cannot withstand the sane critic of the scriptures and the holy spirit.

On the other hand, we could say that for some of the general principles, such as the death and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth and the reasons and purposes for it, there are no differences among possibly ninety-nine percent of the religious institutions of any (Christian) kind. Feel free to research in your own way these topics, which are so important for human life, but never forget that there have been many generations before us, who have already asked most of the questions any of us could think of in a lifetime. So let us not forget to compare our opinion to theirs on the matters, which we are discussing.

And on the other hand, that which the religious propaganda spreads for its own benefit, should not blind us to the obvious fact that most of the voices, which throughout the centuries have disagreed with the official opinion, have suffered harsh and often lethal persecutions by those, who have claimed to be the bearers of the light of the god for the nations.

And finally, let us never forget the words of Jesus of Nazareth, “I am the way and the truth and the life, and no one goes to the father [the god] except through me.”